01. personal information collection purpose and usage purpose
ATEC collects personal information for following purpose.

  • Membership management
    Identity check, personal identification, preventing abuse by delinquent members, preventing unauthorized use, confirming intention to join, age checking, handling civil affairs including complaint handling, delivering announcements according to the use of membership services
  • Utilization for marketing and advertisement
    New service (product) development and specialization, advertising information delivery including events, service providing and advertising according to demographic characteristics, and statistics on access frequency or members’ service use

02. Personal information items to collect

Collecting items
Name, Date of birth, Gender, Login ID, Password, Question and answer for password, Hole phone number, Home address, Mobile phone number, E-mail, Occupation, Marital status, Anniversary

03. Period of retention and use personal information

Your personal information will be destroyed when the purpose of collecting the personal information is achieved as followings.
– For membership join information, destroy the information upon withdrawal or expulsion from the membership
– For membership join information, destroy the information upon expulsion from the membership

Make an exception if retaining the information is required according to legal regulations like commercial law.
If it is need to keep the information even after above retention period, it can be done by you consent.

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